Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's on a Server?

The next time I play after my trip to the Brogendenstein (but somewhere in the middle of my mostly-solo run to level up) I decide to check out Cordor. I’m close to leveling and a little light on gold so I head over to Caraigh first. I grind out to the next level, sell a couple items I got and then head over to the boat captain to go to Cordor.

I hadn’t really given much thought to Amia A and Amia B, what the differences are and why you would play on one rather than the other. My friend said they were on B and it was generally more sparsely populated than A. That was fine with me. I was new and following his lead since I was mostly here to play the game with him and his group.

What I hadn’t expected was to be able to freely move between server A and server B (at the cost of in-game travel, of course). If I had come across that in the rules or anywhere else I either completely missed it or completely ignored it.

To say I was surprised to be notified I was being logged off the server and logged into the other server when I went to Cordor would be an understatement.

That’s certainly not a bad thing. I think it’s awesome. It allows so much potential to the world size. I just was not expecting it. (This has since been clearly pointed out on the new Amia welcome page.)

In game there is a map room that is easily found in the (two main) settlement areas (that I’ve been to). Knowing next to nothing about the island of Amia and even less about the places on Amia this does me little good this early in the game. I have no idea what levels would be appropriate for what areas, and being new I’m pretty sure I’m not the appropriate level for the better part of them.

My search fu skills are weak. I’ve always been willing to admit that. And they certainly weren’t any help to me on the forums. If there is a map of Amia outside the game I do not know where it is. If there is a listing showing what general areas are appropriate for certain levels of characters/parties I don’t know where it is. If there is a listing of what parts of the world are specifically on server A and what parts are on server B I do not know where it is.

This last has been at least partially rectified with the new welcome page. However most of these place names are still foreign to me. For the most part, I don’t know if a name I’m reading about is a region or a city. (There are six sub-forums on the Amia site showing the names of cities or towns for several playable races, at least.) Unfortunately this learning process has been made that much more difficult due to my particular situation. Trying to push and grind up to an appropriate level to be able to play with the rest of my friends has left me little leisure time (term used loosely) to explore and learn about the world.

Now that I have reached that level goal I am planning on taking things a bit slower. I can better explore and take my time. Hopefully.

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