Saturday, October 17, 2009


My friend had told me that we would be playing on the Amia B server. The group he is in based itself out of Wiltun Fortress and that is where I’d start.  I had absolutely no idea at the time what the differences between server A and server B are.  I’m good going with whatever he already has established.

I start the game (and wait for the splash screens and intro movie since I can’t click through them without the game crashing – this has already gotten old).  I make my character – nothing new, exciting, or unexpected there – and enter the game.

I start my time in Amia in a large room.  A couple other characters pop in and run out while I'm looking around.  At first glance it is a standard welcome room similar to what I would expect on any NWN server I would choose.

I move off into a back corner to get out of the main spawning area.

I look around and see what I would expect to see.  There is an area to read the server/world rules.   (There is also a copy of the rules in my in-game journal, I notice.)  There is an exit into the main world.  There is also a place that activates your subrace if you made your character with one.  (There might be one or two other things that escape my mind at the moment.  I didn't take notes on those when I was on researching the other evening.  Oops!)

I spend a few minutes re-acquainting myself with the game mechanics.  I remember enough about the game to know that I'll want to set up my quickbars, so I do.  I open my inventory to see what I start with.  Beside basic equipment I find the following things:

  • PC Emote Wand - This is fairly self-explanatory.  The wand, when activated, allows you character to perform different movements and acts in the game that aren't normally or easily available.  Activating it opens up a dialogue box which lists your choices.  I decide to kneel on the bear skin rug I'm standing on and then I pray.
  • PvP Tool - This is a tool to allow to PvP (Player versus Player) combat in the game.  It says I can use it to set another character as hostile to me so we can fight.  If I kill the other player I can use the wand to raise them.  And I can use the wand on myself to set my PvP mode.  I have no plans, immediate or otherwise, for this wand.  I've never really been a PvP kind of person.  But that's just me. Still, it's nice to know it's there in case I ever have need of it.
  • A Wand with a really long name of numbers and letters - This is my PC Key.  It stores the information pertinent to my character regarding quests and portals.
  • Dice - An item that can be used to randomly generate numbers like a dice roll in a PnP D&D game.
  • Minor Portal Wand - I read this item description and it gives me technical jargon about charges, recharging, upgrading and what's required to recharge and upgrade.  By the name I can figure out it's used to portal within the game, but there isn't anything in the description that helps me figure out any specifics to that.
  • Party Advertiser - If you use this item on yourself you are added to a list of players looking for a party (of people to adventure with, not to party with.  Er, I think).  If you use it on the ground you will see the list of people who have advertised with it.
  • Dream Coin PC Tool - The first time reading this I kind of skim it.  It's as confusing as the information I've tried to read on the Amia website already.  There are other things to think about and right at that moment Dream Coins aren't one I'm concerned with.  (But I will get into Dream Coins in a later post.  Don't worry.)
On the initial spawn I was given experience to get me to level two.  I am actually quite relieved by that.  Level one is the hardest and deadliest level to play at. Starting off at two is going to make things at least a little easier and give more room for error.
I play around with things a little bit, level up and get my inventory and quick slots organized then head out the exit.  Upon exiting the door I am thrown into a conversation.  Being a newbie I choose the option to get the rundown of things and I read through it.  (I'll need to make a new character and take notes on that.  At the time I wasn't planning on this blog so didn't take notes.)  If I remember, it's fairly standard stuff and pretty much just an abbreviated version of the rules.  (And there is an option to skip it if you say you are an experienced Amia player and just want to go.)

As I walk out the door into Wiltun Fortress I find myself in the courtyard.  (Going back in the door puts me in a tavern or inn instead of the Welcome Room.  Nice touch.)  I pull up the minimap and look at the points of interest.  Seeing a shop owner standing outside under his little wooden stall I head over to upgrade some of my equipment.  I buy a better sword, sell my default weapon and then buy the best armor I can get and have enough left over for a helmet.  That will do me for now.

I go through my things one last time and run around a bit to look at Wiltun and not at a minimap.  When I'm satisfied (though itching to get out and really play) that I have everything ready for the next night I log out.  I'm ready to start in Amia with my friendly tour guide.

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