Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Play

The next night is my first real playing time in Amia.  I’m a little late to the party since I work most evenings.  When I arrive my friend and his companions are out and about.  They finish up their business and come back to meet me.  We role-play greetings and introductions.  Then they leave slowly as they role-play bringing in their lower-level characters to be able to go around with me.

It’s a short night as a group since I’m late so we rush around and do some things.  We do the Lord Wiltun Fed Ex quest over to Cariagh and back.  We get the rat ear quest from the dwarf trader there and go hunt goblins and rats.

Over the next week or so I spend a lot of my free evening time playing.  I’m trying to get this character up to 8th or 9th level to be strong enough to go around with the already established group.  A couple times my friend is able to join me.  Once I run into someone else from the group who joins up with me.  Once I join up with someone else I run into in a cave (more on that later).

For the most part I’m soloing and killing goblins, exploring sewers and later on killing some orcs.  And it’s slow going since I really can’t fight anything too strong – and that’s fine because this world is designed to be played with a group of people together.

My friend and I go into a swamp to kill a creature in the center of it and bring back a tooth.  We help an old lady – a retired seer – by vanquishing some spirits in a haunted town near by.  We explore an abandoned and haunted inn on the far end of the island that I discovered one night soloing.  The pirates living in the cave below it were too strong for me alone but the two of us together have little problem.

There was a strange contraption at the end of the cave.  Playing with it flooded the cave and washed us back to the entrance.  We’re not sure if there is supposed to be a quest tied to this cave.  If there was we don’t know what it is.  My friend assured me that the inn and caves are new areas that he hadn’t seen before.  We figure that any quest has not been implemented yet or is available somewhere that we missed.  Or maybe we’re just too high level?  That's a nice thing about quests I've found.  If you're too high a level you can go through the motions, but you can't actually finish (or t least get to the end) of the quests.

During one of the times with my friend we head over to the dwarven area of Brogendenstein to purchase gear.  I am impressed with the coding that takes us both there even though only my friend talked to the captain.  Most of the gear is either too expensive for me that first time we visited, or requires a level higher than I am.  But it’s not a wasted trip since it shows me more of Amia.

My friend has to leave me from there, but suggests I may want to check out the city of Cordor at some point.  There are some more shops there, there are some more beginner-type quests, and there are goblins to hunt north of the city.  I decide to do that next time I’m playing.


Anonymous said...

Two questions: Where was this retired seer with the haunted town, and also where was this abandoned and haunted inn? :D

Anonymous said...

The Inn is in the western pasrt of the island Caraigh, and the seer is in the forest east of Finnag's Pass.